Star Trek: Ascendancy

"Never turn your back on a Breen." 
-- Old Romulan Saying

Today we are going to be learning how add the Secretive Breen to Star Trek Ascendancy. The Breen are an intensely territorial and secretive species sometimes outright eliminating invaders leaving other factions none the wiser as to who or what they even faced.

Setting Up and integrating the Breen Expansion into Your Games

First, to integrate the Breen into your games of Star Trek: Ascendancy. Shuffle the 10 new Exploration Cards into your Exploration Deck.

Set the “Breen” system, Home System and starting location of the Breen Confederacy, aside and add the 9 System Discs from the expansion into the stack of System Discs.

Now you can set up your game of Star Trek: Ascendency. Simply set up the Breen players as you would any other faction from the game with their respective Command Console, Advancement Cards as well as their Ships, Control Nodes, Resources and tokens etc.

Lastly, place the Breen System down equally spaced from other players as you would any other Home System. You are ready to set forth, stake your claim and raid your opponents to establish your dominance of the quadrant! But before we start, let’s take a look at the special rules you, the Breen Confederacy, have.
Star Trek: Ascendancy

Breen Territory

The Breen Confederacy have unique rules that apply surrounding Breen Territory. Breen Territory consists of Breen controlled Systems that connect via Space Lanes to the Breen Home System through a chain of systems. 

Star Trek: Ascendancy

Stellar Phenomenon Systems cannot be controlled by any player and therefore cannot be Breen Territory. They break the chain of systems between a Breen Controlled System and the Breen Home World. 

The Breen are highly territorial! To represent this the Breen have the rule Territorial: Breen ships that are in Breen Territory can reroll all failed To Hit Rolls in combat. This makes Breen Ships in Breen territory much, much more dangerous.

The mysterious Breen seem largely uninterested in establishing relationships with other civilizations. Breen cannot give or hold Trade Agreements with a player unless that player controls a System adjacent to Breen Territory. Factions making Trade Agreements with Breen will need to control systems very close and risk potential betrayal or go all in on an alliance of convenience.
Star Trek: Ascendancy
Breen Tactics
With that you are ready to step into Star Trek Ascendancy as the Breen Confederacy. Playing as the Breen you’ll want to expand slowly and cautiously as you expand your territory. Plan your attacks carefully and should players try to exact revenge you will have an advantage in your home territory. Breen Fleets also have unique raiding rules allowing for hit and run tactics so that you can minimise your losses so make sure to use them to your advantage!

Star Trek: Ascendancy