“Helm, Warp One.  Engage!”
-- Jean-Luc Picard

Command Phase - Part 2 Movement

One Command can be issued to Move a single Starship or an entire Fleet. There are two types of Movement in the game, Impulse Speed and Warp Speed

Star Trek: Ascendancy

All Starships have a base Impulse Speed of 2, by issuing one Command a Ship or Fleet and move up to two Sectors. Each space on a Space Lane is one Sector; additionally each System Disc also counts as one Sector for the purposes of movement. Impulse Speed is slow and cautious, and if travelling only a short distance, Command efficient.

Warp Speed permits a vessel to cover vast distances in a short amount of time. In the game, when a Ship is commanded to go to Warp Speed, the Ship is moved just off the Sector it currently occupies and placed on the table next to the cardboard map section. A Warp Token is placed next to the Ship, pointing at the Sector in which it went to Warp. At the end of each game round a Ship is at Warp, another Warp Token is placed next to the plastic Ship. Additional Warp Tokens may be placed next to the Ship by issuing a Command. 

Star Trek: Ascendancy

When a Ship is ready to come out of Warp, another Command must be issued. Upon Exiting Warp, the Ship may be moved a number of Systems (both Planetary Systems and Interstellar Phenomena) equal to the number of Warp Tokens next to the Ship in addition to the number of Warp Tokens pictured on completed, active Advancement Cards. A Ship may elect to move through fewer Systems and drop out of Warp earlier than the number of Warp Tokens permits.  Ships at Warp that do not stop in Hazardous Systems do not have to make a Hazard roll, they bypass the System without incident.

Exploring a new System and adding it to the Galactic Map will always end a Ship’s Movement.  A Starship may enter a new System as part of its movement.

When moving, Ships may not normally pass through a Sector controlled by another civilization when it is occupied by a hostile rival vessel. If trade relations have been established with that rival, they may allow the Ship to pass through their space at their discretion.  If a Ship is denied passage, it cannot reverse course and “take back” the movement it spent to reach the rival vessel, it must end its movement in the previous sector, facing off against the rival Ship.

Where will you chart your course when you take Command in Star Trek: Ascendancy? Next week, prepare to raise shields and go to red alert as we look at Space Combat in the game.

Star Trek: Ascendancy