Gale Force 9 at Essen Spiel

Come join us on the 24th to 27th of October!

Gale Force Nine are attending Europe’s largest Gaming Event for the 6th year. Taking our largest stand yet, come and see us in Hall 2 stand D138. Come and play our brand-new board game Dune, you will also pick up your copy with the exclusive show figures. Along with the full range of our Board Games.  We will also have our full range of D&D figures and accessories including the newly released Descent into Avernus range of figures. Don’t worry if you are not a board gamer, we will be bringing Flames of War and have full range of our latest releases. 

If you wish to place a pre-order for any items please email [email protected]  and we will bring your order for collection at the show.

Join us at Destination Star Trek!

Destination Star Trek is happening 25th -27th October in Birmingham! 

Gale Force Nine are attending Europe’s official Star Trek convention for the first year. We will have a sales stand near the activities area and will be running games of Star Trek Ascendancy. At the show we will have for sale the full range of Star Trek board games and accessories, and some of our other popular board games. 

If you wish to place a pre-order for any items please email [email protected]  and we will bring your order for collection at the show.

Download Andorian and Vulcan Rulebooks Now!

Download the full rulebooks for the latest expansions for GF9's Star Trek Ascendancy. Play as the logical Vulcans or the proud Andorians!

Download the rulebooks here...

Preorder the Andorians.

Preorder the Vulcans.

Download Expansion Rulebooks

Download the full rulebooks for GF9’s Star Trek: Ascendancy expansions.  Learn the secrets of the brutal Cardassians, cunning Ferengi, and relentless Borg. How will these new civilizations impact the galaxy?


Download the rulebooks here...

Borg Planetary Assimilation Preview

The Borg Invasion begins with this preview of Assimilation phase of the Borg turn in the Borg Assimilation Game Expansion.


Target the invaders and open fire here…

Borg Movement Preview

The Borg are on the move in this preview of the Command Card phase of the Borg turn in the Borg Assimilation Game Expansion.


Lay in a pursuit course and engage here…

Star Trek: Ascendancy Dice – Coming Soon!

Upgrade your game of Star Trek: Ascendancy with new custom Dice from GF9. Each pack includes dice matching the game color of each respective civilization. The six on each die has been replaced with the faction logo. These dice packs will be in stores later this year. You can pre-order them now at our online store.

Hegh tetlh naDev!

Star Trek: Ascendancy – Battle Stations Game Mat

When GF9 hosts Star Trek: Ascendancy games at conventions and events; we use a beautiful 48 x 60 playmat. This year at Gen Con, we made the mat available for attendees to purchase. Due to overwhelming response, we are now making the Battle Stations Game Mat available via our online store as a print-on-demand item!

This large play surface not only has four bright stars to mark starting player positions, it also has spaces printed along the long edges for players to place all of their cards and player board as well as areas to store Systems Discs, Exploration Cards and Space Lanes.

Lay in a course for our online store and engage…

Borg Space Combat Preview

Engage the deadly Borg in Space Combat with this tactical analysis of their combat capability in the Borg Assimilation Game Expansion.


Modulate your phasers here…

Borg Exploration Preview

The Borg Assimilation Game Expansion adds new twenty new Exploration Cards to the game. Assimilate this preview of some of those cards and add their distinctiveness to your own.


Assimilate the knowledge here...

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