Borg Assimilation for Star Trek: Ascendancy adds seven new System Discs for players to explore and engage the Borg. One of those new Systems Discs is the Transwarp Hub, the nexus of Borg travel from their distant territories to the Alpha Quadrant. The Game Expansion also includes two other Planetary Systems and four Interstellar Phenomena to add to the game.
The Transwarp Hub is a direct connection to the Delta Quadrant and the main staging point for the Borg invasion. When in play, the Transwarp Hub has a chance to generate a Borg Cube at the beginning of every Borg Turn. The Hub also allows travel between the Transwarp Hub System Disc and any Transwarp Conduit System Discs that may be on the board. This near instantaneous method of travel allows Borg cubes to move from one side of the galactic map to other. Other Starships can attempt to travel through a Conduit to the Hub, but they run the risk of encountering the Borg.  Transwarp Hub
Transwarp Conduits A Transwarp Conduit is a unique Phenomenon. Ships which enter this System must Brave a Hazard and if they survive, gain a Research Token. However, whenever a Research Token is taken from this System, there is a chance that the activity may attract the attention of a Borg Cube. When the Transwarp Hub is also in play, Ships and Cubes may travel from the Conduit to the Hub and vise-verse as if they were adjacent Sectors. In this way it is possible to start from one Transwarp Conduit, travel to the Hub, and then emerge at another far-flung Conduit. Conduits only link to the Hub, not to each other directly.
Ohniaka is a remote system, home to a handful of Federation colonies including the New Berlin Colony. It is an interstellar dead-end, the system normally can only support one Space Lane. The strategic implications for such an isolated system are numerous, whether it blocks encroaching space lanes from other civilizations or serves as a defensible fallback position. Reports of Borg activity in the system are contradictory to other encounters with the Borg, with colonists claiming the Borg had no interest in assimilation, only destruction and mayhem. Ohniaka 
Electrokinetic Cloud
An Electrokinetic Cloud is made up of charged interstellar gases. Plasma storms and electrodynamic turbulence threaten any vessel that enters its chaotic borders. Even the Borg are not immune to the hazards of this treacherous phenomenon, Cubes that linger too long within the cloud can be destroyed as easily as any other Starship. As such, this hazard makes a perfect firewall against invaders, be they other civilizations or the relentless Borg.

Boldly explores these and other new System Discs when the Borg Assimilation Game Expansion is released later this year.