Each Player Expansion for Star Trek: Ascendancy adds ten new System Discs for players to explore and exploit. One of those new worlds is Ferenginar, the Home World for the Ferengi civilization, but there also are nine other worlds and phenomena to explore. Of course, the Player Expansion also comes with everything else players need to add these new System Discs to the game, including more Space Lanes and Resource Nodes.
Hupyria is home to a species of towering and physically powerful humanoids. Hupyrians are prized as bodyguards, especially among Ferengi, due in large part to their sense of loyalty as well as their vow of silence. Huypyria is also a leading producer of beetle snuff, a favored intoxicant in Ferengi society. The production of this lucrative export, in conjunction with the versatility of the native workforce, makes Hupyria a prime location for targeted investment.  Hupyria
Prexnak The hostile surface of Prexnak was the site of the most important battle in Ferengi history. Ten Ferengi stood alone, facing two hundred and seventy-three Lytasians. Those ten Ferengi were all killed of course. Today the Battle of Prexnak is remembered as a source of pride by the Ferengi, as evidenced by the vast amount of Battle of Prexnak memorabilia that has flooded Ferengi markets over the years. Beyond its vast historical significance, the environment of Prexnak attracts scientists and researchers from across the quadrant whose marketable advancements can turn a handsome profit. 
While the amount and quality of the resources that can be mined from the Vlugta Asteroid Field has often been exaggerated, it is still a source of vital dilithium and other exotic minerals. This large ring of asteroids has long been claimed by the Vlugta, who prefer to lease areas of the asteroid field to investors and other private business concerns rather than establish large-scale agreements with regional powers such as the Klingon Empire or Cardassian Union. Tight control and regulation of these numerous mining agreements has proven to be very profitable for the Vlugta. Vlugta Asteroid Field 
The Mutara Nebula
The Mutara Nebula is a vast interstellar cloud of ionized gases and dust. Constant static discharges riddle the nebula, resulting in spectacular displays of light and color. The combined effect of the various gases and the static eruptions wreaks havoc with Starship sensors making study of this phenomena challenging. In addition, these effects render the energy shields of Starships inoperable while inside the cloud. The space surrounding the nebula is home to a few barren, unremarkable planetoids.

Phenomena introduced to the game by Player Expansions have an unique Special Rule, in addition to research opportunities they present.

Be sure to exploit these and other new System Discs when the Ferengi Alliance Player Expansion is released later this year. Next week we’ll take a look at some of the new Exploration Card type this Player Expansion adds to game, Ally Cards.