A Player Expansion for Star Trek: Ascendancy not only adds a new civilization to the game it also adds new System Discs for players to discover. In addition to new civilization’s Home World there are nine other worlds and phenomena to explore. In addition, a Player Expansion also comes with new space lanes to connect these locations to your Galactic Map and Resource Nodes to harvest the mineral, scientific and cultural wealth of these new worlds.
The Cardassian Union will always be linked to the planet Bajor after their decades-long occupation of that verdant world. Bajor is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the quadrant. Drawing upon centuries of history, Bajor is one of the first planets in the game that can support up to two Culture Nodes, in this case by way of a dedicated Culture Capacity and an Open Capacity. Such potential is sure to make Bajor a flashpoint in your games when it is discovered.  Bajor
Magna Roma Magna Roma is an Earth-like world but with one key difference, its Roman Empire never fell. Now at the height of its industrial age, the planet is bizarre mix of heavy industry and Roman decadence. It is a world ruled by emperors who can trace their lines back thousands of years and where the most popular form of entertainment is televised gladiatorial combat. As an industrial powerhouse, Magna Roma can fuel any civilizations’ growth. 
Sigma Draconis is a world locked in millennia-long ice age. Once home to an advanced civilization, the ecological shift divided the surviving population into two separate, gender-based groups. The male population, known as the Morgs, eek out a meager existence on the surface, while the female population, known as the Eymorgs, live in an underground city under the protection of a supercomputer known as the Controller. Despite these harsh conditions, for the civilization that can reclaim this world, there is a wealth of forgotten knowledge and resources to be found. Sigma Draconis 
The Badlands
The Badlands are a chaotic region of space, home to intense and persistent plasma storms and unexplained gravitational disturbances. Many ships have entered this region of space, never to be heard from again.

Phenomena introduced to the game by Player Expansions have an additional Special Rule, in addition to research opportunities they present. In the game, Ships may not move through the Badlands, they must always end their movement in the phenomena, making the Badlands a perfect natural bulwark. 

Look for these System Discs and more when the Cardassian Union Player Expansion is released later this year. Next week we’ll take a look at some of the new Exploration Cards this Player Expansion adds to game.