Star Trek: Ascendancy uses an expandable map allowing the game to be played on any size or shape of table. Before the game begins, players must agree on how much of the table is usable, establishing the boundaries of their galaxy and determine the starting locations of their Home Systems.
Star Trek: Ascendancy - Play Mat
 Star Trek: Ascendancy - Play Mat Instructions

The Star Trek: Ascendancy Play Mat takes all the guess work out of your galaxy building.  This beautiful 3’ x 3’ game surface depicts the spiral arms of the galaxy which encompasses both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, home to the game’s great civilizations.  While providing an obvious border for your game map, the mat also indicates where you should place your Home System in both a three- and a four-player game. The mat is perfect for an evening of exploration and expansion.

Look for the Star Trek: Ascendancy Play Mat in stores soon!