Advancements & Building Phase Part 2

“In the Treaty of Algeron, the Federation specifically agreed not to develop cloaking technology.”
-- Jean-Luc Picard

Building Phase - Part 2
During the Building Phase, a civilization may Commit Research to Advancement Projects as well improve Shields and Weapons Systems.  

The amount of Research to finish a project is listed in the upper left of each Advancement Card. A faction may add one Research Token to each Advancement Project per turn. A Research Token claimed from Interstellar Phenomena may be immediately added to an Advancement Project during the Command Phase or stored for use on a subsequent Building Phase. Once a Research Token is committed to a Project, it can not be moved. When an Advancement Project is completed, it immediately moves from the Projects area to the Advancements area. If applicable, a player may use the Advancement’s Special Rule immediately. Unless a card states otherwise, a player may only use Advancements on their turn. 

Star Trek: Ascendancy
A faction may only have a number of active Research Projects equal to the number of Research Nodes it controls. If at any point in the game, a player has more Active Projects than Research Nodes, then Projects and the Research Tokens committed to them must be discarded until that is no longer the case. In addition, if a another civilization captures a player’s Research Node intact during a Planetary Invasion, then the player must chose one of their Active Projects, discard all the research Tokens committed to it, and hand their Project over to the conquering civilization to develop as their own. Now a rival player will be able to develop a new Advancement for their civilization that they normally wouldn’t have access to!

Adding new Projects to Research is performed during the Command Phase.

 Star Trek: Ascendancy
Some Advancements picture a Warp Token in the lower right corner of the cards. When completed, these Advancements increase the Warp Speed of a civilization’s Starships. Many Advancements found in the Federation deck provide additional safeguards while exploring the depths of space and improve their chances to make impactful discoveries.
Star Trek: Ascendancy

Other Advancements may picture a Command Token in the lower right corner. When completed, these Advancements immediately increase the number of a player’s Command Tokens by one. The new Command Token comes into play Exhausted and will be refreshed and ready for the player’s use during the next Recharge Stage. Klingons are almost single-minded in the pursuit of improving their military prowess.

Star Trek: Ascendancy

The Romulan Star Empire has a unique Advancement Deck with many cards a picturing a Culture Token in the lower right corner of the cards. When completed, these Advancements immediately reward the Romulans a Culture Token. Losing one of these valuable Advancement Projects to a rival is a devastating loss. The scientific acumen of the Romulans is dedicated to defending the Empire’s territories from encroachment.

Star Trek: Ascendancy

The Research required to upgrade Shields and Weapons is listed directly across from their current effectiveness on the Command Console. Unlike Advancement Projects, upgrading Shields and Weapons is a single, one-time cost that must be paid in full to improve the technology. Typically, Weapons and Shields may only ever be improved during the Building Phase.

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After a player completes their Building Phase, their Command Phase begins. Once a civilization starts the Command Phase, it may not spend any Resources to Build.

Next week, we’ll review the Commands a player can issue during their turn.  Make it so!