Star Trek: Ascendancy Accessories

Expand your fleets and upgrade your Starbases! A number of accessories for Star Trek: Ascendancy are now available for purchase or pre-order in GF9 online store.

Take your games to epic levels with Escalation Packs for all the Star Trek: Ascendancy factions. Control more worlds and build more ships! Each Escalation Pack contains 15 Starships and 5 Control Nodes for a Civilization. Ruthless Klingon High Chancellors can command larger fleets of warships, while ambitious Cardassian Legates can seize and control more valuable territories to exploit. Escalation Packs are perfect for players who want play astronomical games!

GF9’s popular Starbase Sets have been a hit at our convention appearances, now we making them available to all. Starbase sets are available to pre-order, and will soon be available for purchase in our online store or at your favorite game store later this year. Starbase sets are high-detail model kits which replace the flat Starbase token with a 3D game piece. There are five styles available, including Starbases for the Federation, Klingons and Romulans; and introducing Starbases for the enterprising Ferengi and the brutal Cardassians. Each set contains three Starbase models, some sets require assembly.

Plus, pre-order both the Borg Assimilation Game Expansion and the limited run Borg-themed Game Mat both on at our online store or at your local retailer.

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