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Borg Space Combat Preview

Engage the deadly Borg in Space Combat with this tactical analysis of their combat capability in the Borg Assimilation Game Expansion.


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Borg Exploration Preview

The Borg Assimilation Game Expansion adds new twenty new Exploration Cards to the game. Assimilate this preview of some of those cards and add their distinctiveness to your own.


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Borg Play Mat - Limited Edition

The relentless Borg invade GF9’s Star Trek: Ascendancy later this year. Along with this game-changing expansion, GF9 is releasing a special version of our popular Star Trek: Ascendancy 3x3 play mat. 

This galactic game surface has been assimilated by the Borg, and features Borg accents along the game edges as well as a central green star to mark the position of the Borg Transwarp Hub System Disc. 

This assimilated version of the play mat will only be produced in limited quantities and will be available in stores and via the GF9 online store when the Borg Assimilation Game Expansion arrives later this year. 

Cardassian Exploration Preview

The Cardassian Union Player Expansion adds new ten new Exploration Cards to the game. Our probes brought back a detailed scan of the cards found in the expansion.


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vIHtaHbogh tlhIngan wo' ghoj

The Klingon Empire is another of the three civilizations players can choose to play as in Star Trek: Ascendancy. Heed the call to battle! See what makes the Klingons unique and how they play in the game.


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